Publishing World SA has been formed to assist new and established authors, artists and photographers in publishing and marketing their work all over the globe.

The company is consumer-friendly, offers a personal A-Z service from accepting manuscripts to publication.

We will help you with writing, editing, translation, copyrights (ISBN and barcode registration), designing, bookshop banners, posters, storage and book launches.



Publishing World was my eerste keuse toe ek besluit het om my boek van my lewe te skryf (Van Armoede tot Geloof en Oorwinning) en met ‘n baie opgewonde goeie hart kan ek sê dit was die beste besluit van my lewe. Jul het my drome laat waar word al moes ek geduldig wees en na jul luister met goeie raad wat jul gegee het was dit die moeite werd met jul eindproduk. Wat  ‘n seën was dit totdat ek die boekomslag sien. Baie baie dankie ek het jul almal soos ‘n familie aanvaar. Wat ‘n voorreg om jul in my lewe te hê en dit gee my groot vrymoedigheid en so ‘n plesier as ek daar by jul kantoor kom is daar altyd tyd  gemaak vir n geselsie of net om te vra hoe ver is my boek al. Ek is so verstom in jul menslike verhouding wat ‘n oor het om net te luister wanneer ek praat. Dankie vir jul wysheid en kennis wat my deurgedruk het sodat ek ook in die Mark kan kom met my storie wat ‘n ware verhaal is uit my lewe. Ek kan enige persoon  aanmoedig om Publishing World SA te gebruik, hul is van uitstaande gehalte.

Dafina Jacobs


Publishing World is die plek waar mens se wildste drome ‘n realiteit word. Die personeel is altyd toeganklik, en bereidwillig om die skrywers bytestaan. Dankie dat ek al soveel jare kon deel wees van ‘n wenspan.


Johan van der Merwe


Publishing World SA has really done an excellent job on my book. They have open doors seeing that it is my first book. I will never go to another publishing company as Publishing World SA is the best. They have changed my life and Stuart, Chris and the rest of the team. Keep up the good work and services. –

Sarana Conradie


I would like to thank everyone at Publishing World SA for making possible that which I thought impossible. I had the dream, the story, the will and ability to write. I found that it is almost impossible to publish a book unless you are already known or you spend lots of money to pay for everything.

Publishing World SA took my book and did all the work, gave advice where it was needed, and I had my book a matter of weeks. Thank you for doing all the administration, editing and also the very nice cover. I cannot begin to describe how I feel now that I see the book going out to the sales agents.

Linda du Plessis

Publishing World SA has been extremely helpful in publishing my first book. They are professional and patient and truly cares about the quality and reputation of the product, the writer and the publishing house while always acknowledging and consulting the writer with every decision made. On top of that they are affordable, especially for first time writers and their royalties are fair. But their commitment to the marketing and distribution of the book is most probably their best trait and the most important aspect to all involved as what good is a book if it sits on a shelf?

Jana Visser


Publishing World SA did not only help me to turn my dream into a reality, but throughout this journey – they have been supportive and professional. Their passion for the industry is clearly visible. I would recommend their services to any Writer. They have been helpful and assisted me promptly with every aspect of the publishing of my first book. Chris and the rest for the team provide any-time assistance. Not only do they make your first publishing experience memorable, but they managed to create a family where people understand the passion behind every written word. I wish them all of the best for the future and I’m positive that they will continue to make dreams come true.

Hencia Marais


Sjoe, wat kan ek sê, Publishing World SA is fantasties!!! Dit het letterlik my hele lewe verander en ja, ek weet dit klink dalk soos ‘n clichè maar dit het! Dankie dat julle in my en my werk glo, julle het my drome waar gemaak. Danksy julle het ek nou ‘n loopbaan as skrywer. Dankie aan Chris en Pieter en die hele span by Publishing World SA wat my met ope arms ontvang het, julle is absoluut amazing! Blessings

God se kaalvoetmeisiekind~C­hristine xxx



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