Stranger in my home country














Author: Piet Schoombie



This book tells the story of a young civil engineer who, because of affirmative action and black economic empowerment, is struggling to find a job in the new South Africa.

The prevalence of corruption, crime, murder in the South Africa society is a huge problem that he also had to reckon with. As a result of these conditions many South Africans, including most of his own family, were forced to leave the country for a better life abroad.

His expertise as an engineer is however in high demand overseas and he received several favourable job offers. The decision to emigrate or to stay, is not at all easy, for he must take into account his love for and loyalty to South Africa.

In conjunction with all these dramas and intrigues hos love life is also not always plain sailing! Read more about this young man’s trails and tribulations in a highly challenging new era.


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