Big Hole


Author: Puleng Modupe

What will happen if Kimberley’s Big Hole was to collapse, with the rest of the city and nearby areas falling into the seven hundred and five feet deep man-made hole? Chaos and destruction! This is exactly what happens when miner’s greed led them to take something that should not have been removed from the bowels of the earth, which is regarded as a powerful omen protecting mankind…  Delve deep into a mystic tale evolving around a small town girl entrusted with the overwhelming responsibility of saving the city, as the kingdom of the great guardians will never be at peace until the potent stone is safely returned to its rightful place.


About the author:

Puleng Modupe is a creative writer, business woman and journalist from Kimberley in the Northern Cape, who holds a BA Communications degree from the University of the Free State.  Big Hole is her first published novel which is aiming to put a spotlight on some of the issues that has gripped the Diamond City, including fears of the Big Hole Caving in. The fictitious book also sheds some light on various towns across the province, to give the reader a glimpse of what the Northern Cape has to offer.

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