Whirlwinds, Tumble Bush and Barlinka Rain


Author:  Andre van Wyk

Andries Verster left school at a very early age and travelled to Kimberley to find fame and fortune at the diamond diggings. With the outbreak of the Anglo-Boer War, Andries got caught in the crossfire even though he remained neutral and was accused by the British of being a Cape Rebel and sent to St Helena. With his release in 1910, he was next in line to inherit the family farm in the Hex Valley.

Hannes, the third son of Andries, refused to be drafted for WW2 and instead he joined the Ossewa Brandwag. When the Union Government clamped down on the OB, Hannes was also arrested and forced to work on government projects rebuilding structures destroyed by the OB’s militant wing, the “Stormjaers”. After his release, Hannes and two of his siblings decided to go north and settled on the farm his father was forced to abandon 40 years earlier. With hard work and determination they restored the farm to its former glory but also found themselves up to their necks in debt and the bank ready to claim the farm as collateral. Then, out of no-where, a stranger came to their rescue and offered them an opportunity they could not refuse.

Hannes married the daughter of an ex-British officer of the Anglo-Boer War in spite of language, religious and political differences. When Paul, their adopted son, got involved in an interracial love affair against the government’s segregation laws, he had the support of his mother against the will of his father, a staunch supporter of the ruling National Party. Unknown to the two lovers, a local girl whose advances were rejected by Paul, devised a devious plan to break up Paul’s illegal affair across the colour boundary. Unfortunately, the solution to Paul and Becky’s dilemma came too late to prevent a tragedy.

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